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Our premises are protected by CSD Security Systems                                            Check out our Kijiji listings for great deals!

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Parts & Services...




  • Mercury

  • Kimpex

  • Motovan

  • Mermaid Marine

  • Land and Sea


Home & Garden

  • Toro


  • Marine repair

  • Boat & RV winter storage

  • Mercury engine repair & service

  • Trailer repair and service

  • Consignment boat & RV sales

  • Toro full service dealer

  • Lawn Boy full service dealer

  • Chain saw chains and bars

You can now order from Kimpex online! Go to and choose Canmac watercraft as your retailer. You can order Marine, ATV, Motorcycle & Snowmobile. You can also click on the Kimpex logo above. Happy Shopping

Watercraft/RV Storage & Sales

Cleaning and Lubrication products:


  • Kimpex 

  • Aqua-tek

  • Land 'n' Sea

  • We'll be offering full winter storage for boats AND RVs including winterizing.

  • Looking to sell?  Yes, we can  sell any boats or RVs on consignment as well as trade-ins!

  • Our yard is 1.58 acres of secure fenced-in area monitored by camera, protected by CSD Security Systems.

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